Here is my favourite video

To add a video in wikispaces, you need to go to Widget and choose Video in the left column, then choose YouTube and embed the code.

A lovely video about ICT

And this one about teachers:

And another one about school - Does school kill creativity?

A link to funny videos

YouTube for Schools - here is a good article with links,
a video for teachers, YouTube for Schools and the Edu Channel
And another interesting article on that issue

To download a video or convert it to MP3 go to Vixy Freecorder 5
Or this one
Video creators

Other possibilities:
Google videos: <http://video.>http://video. offers a 14 days trial for free
You can record a Youtube video and embed it on your wiki or web-page - example here
And of course Voxopop and Voicethread


Eyejot is a tool for sending video messages instead of text messages through email.
You can create your account here:
It also allows embedding of videos

And here is a short tutorial or you can watch this video tutorial