You can insert pictures into your wiki. It is better to resize you picture first and then insert it. You can also shrink the picture when editing it in the wiki, but then the file uploads longer, so it is better to upload the right size of the picture.
You can use for that.



My example


A new tool, quite cool - here are some examples created by my colleagues
Thanksgiving meal
12 days of donkeys
Shaq bike
My example

Creating your own cartoons


Here is mine

You can also upload pictures from tools like Wordclouds.
You can create your own in Wordle

Wordle: ICT

Underneath is an example of embedding a picture created in Tagxedo. You can see the same picture downloaded as a static picture and then uploaded through files to this wiki (Homepage). This one is interactive and it is embedded here through Widgets.
Read this first to know how to use it (watch the pictures info). There are more tutorials - about shapeand portrait.