Wiki in PB Works

Here is a link to my wiki in PB Works

Unlike Wikispaces where you can create as many wikis as you need, you can create only about 3 wikis in PB Works for free. However, there is one advantage for Hot Potatoes users - you can place here HP exercises with pictures as PB Works allow you to create folders.

Tutorial on PBworks


Good platforms
The easiest is
Tutorial on blogger


It allows the teacher to have several blogs inside a class blog

Here are some examples

Here are two great blogs of Claudio Azevedo, a teacher from Brazil.
Every week a new activity based on extracts from films, can you believe that?

Nik Peachey

Why blogging is hard. Still...

Best educational wikis of 2011

ICT magic - a collection of IT resources for students and teachers

Resources for history teachers

A list of educational wikis

Examples of nice wikis and blogs

And here is something well-worth your interest. A wiki of students in Egypt. You can leave your comments in their discussion.

The Egyptian students have just started another project

And here is an excellent project - reading comprehension

And here is a blog of a Czech teacher